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Gemstone Beads and Loose Briolettes

Goforjewel Exports (located in Jaipur, Rajasthan province and lies in the North Western part of India) originally founded in 2008, is a manufacturing and trading company for supplying quality Gemstone Beads, Briolettes (Pear, Heart, Drops), and Cabochons (flat back stones) at the best possible prices for making jewelry like pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. We are serving the world and our satisfied customers are from USA, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Paris and many more. Goforjewel prides itself on and follows Consistency, Service, Value and Transparency.

We promise to you, our valued customer, is that we will always strive to bring you faceted and smooth gemstone beads, briolette beads and chains and other accessories that deliver the very best value for money (cutting out the Middleman and unnecessary frills (such as stores and expensive advertising).

My team and I look forward to delighting you and your loved ones with unbelievable value for money on jewelry making beads and chains.

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